Waldorf Salad

Finally here I am again to write! They were quite challenging months for me, interspersed with a summer full of trips that left my heart filled with emotions and many ideas for the head. Let’s start with a recipe simple and fast but rich in taste, inspired by my last trip to Seattle.

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Cookie Heart

A recipe that I do and I do for years and that always collects a huge success, of those that you guard with a pinch of jealousy because it has become part of your kitchen, handwritten in your cookbook, the one where there are only a few affectionate, to which you can remember when You can’t go wrong. You are! These are delicious biscuits that have accompanied many of my parties, many anniversaries and even some rainy afternoon. I’m sure they’il accompany you, too. They are perfect as a base for this delicious dessert or triple the dose and make lots of cookies!

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Crispy chickpeas

A friend has just phoned you, will be at home in half an hour and you have nothing to offer her apart from a glass of wine? Let’s say that in my house it’s rare that it happens! But who doesn’t have a jar of chickpeas in the house? I always keep an escort! And in less than no say the aperitif is saved! So I bake the chickpeas and as they cook, I run to give me a touch up to the makeup!

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Pumpkin Cream

It is snoppy outside from a few days and the cold is biting but there is something magical about this whole white panorama. If it were not an impediment to everyday life, I would like more snow! As a child I adored her, I played and spent hours in the garden, careless of the cold; I would like to find that enthusiasm, to see it fall. I made a puppet, it seemed a gift to that child. I cooked a soup with a bright color, sweet taste and I enjoyed it, beautiful steaming, in front of the window thinking about the time flowing.

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