About me

My name is Erica and my first memory in the kitchen goes back to the age of five when with Grandma Anna I baked the biscuits. Proud I wore the apron with my name embroidered on it, right by her. I loved those cookies, only grandma could make them so good! Those moments made me start churing out sweets of all kinds. In the years that have passed I was forced to change everything, especially nutrition, but what, 15 years ago, was a huge inconvenience, today has become what motivates me to experiment, study and research as much as I can about food, nutrition and effects On our health.

Over the years the passion for "travel to discover the world" has grown, and with my husband, I am looking for new flavors, foods, tools and objects related to the kitchen of every country I visit but especially of books! It doesn't exist, for me, best souvenir!

I try to combine my love for food, the desire to know, the admiration for the cultures of the world and the search for psychophysical wellbeing, in the recipes within this blog.

I'm not vegan or vegetarian; I do not follow a raw or macrobiotic diet, much less carnivores, but I try to feed myself in a natural way avoiding as much as possible what I would not even call "food".

Inspired by the thousands of recipes I have collected, I propose dishes revisited in a healthy key because the tradition can become innovation!

Erica Marcucci